If you are thinking of selling your property with Ingham Real Estate, we thought the following information would be extremely helpful in giving you an insight as to how our office procedures relate to the selling process. Also there is some handy information with regards to the sale process in general. Whether it be Residential, Commercial or Rural property you might be considering Selling the below guideline is similar for each. If you would like to contact us to take the first step in selling your property, then please contact the Ingham Real Estate Sales team.

1st Stage - Property Appraisal

  • An Ingham Real Estate Salesperson, Mark or Lawrence, undertakes a physical inspection of your property, and note relevant property details;
  • We discusses selling requirements and time frame for the sale;
  • A formal written appraisal is completed, if required* and discussed in depth; and
  • we discuss the method of sale and best marketing strategy (Open Listing - You retain the right to appoint Ingham Real Estate and other agents or an Exclusive Agency where Ingham Real Estate is appointed as the Exclusive Agent to market and Sell the property, for a period of 60 days at a time. You only deal with Ingham Real Estate and should other agents wish to inspect the property with a prospective Buyer then this is arranged through Ingham Real Estate. Should a sale occur then the commission is shared between agents)

2nd Stage - Selling

  • marketing and advertising is agreed;
  • real estate agency agreement to sell documentation signed by all parties and completed;
  • property listing details are completed;
  • copy of title and property keys are obtained;
  • property presentation advice is offered about the best way to present your property

3rd Stage - Property Promotion

  • photographs are taken of your property;
  • an advertising copy and schedule are prepared;
  • property signage may be designed, ordered and erected**;
  • neighborhood pamphlets may be prepared and delivered**;
  • your property is listed on internet websites;
  • your property may be featured in window displays;
  • colour brochures may be prepared and distributed**;
  • appropriate database clients are informed that your property is for sale; and
  • brochures may be distributed to selected clients.

4th Stage - Property Buyer Inspections

  • your stress and time are minimized to ensure only suitably qualified buyers inspect your property;
  • the name and telephone number of every buyer who inspects your property is maintained;
  • 24 hours' notice is given to you or your tenants, prior to inspections so all involved can lead a normal life while the sale is progressing;
  • you are advised of results of all property inspections and all comments of buyers.

5th Stage - Negotiating The Sale

  • all property offers are presented to you within 24 hours of receipt;
  • the best price and conditions for you are negotiated;

6th Stage - Contract of Sale

  • once the terms of the contract are agreed, a security deposit is collected from the purchaser;
  • copies of the contract are sent to both parties' solicitors;
  • all conditions of the contract are followed up; and
  • We check and assist with purchaser's finance, sale of property, building inspections, and other conditions where necessary
  • All parties are kept informed of progress.

Final Stage - SOLD

  • a sold sticker is placed on the property when the agreement is confirmed;
  • all parties are notified when the property is sold;
  • transfer of keys, with solicitors advice, on settlement day is organized;
  • sold signage is removed from your property; and new owners move in.

*A formal written appraisal may incur a fee for our services
** Optional advertising at Sellers expense